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. Super high resolution wide deluxe digital lenses;

. Multi Coated Optical Glass

. Built-in detachable MACRO lens for extreme close-up shots

. Magnification: 0.21X AF

. LENS SIZE (mm): 67.0(diameter)x58.3(height)

. Lens Back Threads Size 58mm

. Brand new, never used

. Made of metal (not plastic)

. Color: Black

Product Description

1). Digital video cameras Wide Teleconverter and accessories: Enhanced screen effect, so that your digital images on its head!

2). Produced by optical wide-angle and Teleconverter head, sleeve, ring and the color filter film. Its lens coating polished to the last by an experienced technician careful research and development, side so that the quality of the lens to achieve the most perfect state, so that users can handy to create a more distinctive image effect, gives you more shooting options and fun.
Wide-angle lens is a focal length shorter than the standard lens, viewing angle is greater than the standard lens, distance longer than the fish-eye lens, viewing angle is smaller than the fish-eye lens photographic camera.